Over the Years

While much has changed, simplifying meal organization remains the focus.

2010: Website launches on January 24th, 2010

2011: More people start organizing meals online and the website starts to get publicity.

2012-2014: Over 100,000 families helped and a fancy new blue background

2015: Meal Train gets a new logo and adds responsive design as the world goes mobile

2016: featured on NBC Nightly News and the concept goes mainstream

2017-2021: Meal Train plays an important role during the Covid-19 pandemic and over 11 years helps organize over 51 million meals for over 2.2 million families

2022: Total redesign based on user feedback

2023: Meal Train on The Simpsons!

To our surprise, Meal Train is featured on The Simpsons episode "Carl Carlson Rides Again"

When Homer wakes up in the morning, he smells Marge cooking chili con carne. However, he is disappointed to find that Marge made it for Ned Flanders, who had broken his arm.

Marge: "Ned can't cook for a few weeks so I started a Meal Train for him."

Homer: "Meal Train?" (Homer imagines a train in the shape of a sandwich going into his mouth.)

Marge: "Homer! A Meal Train is when family and friends set up a schedule to bring homemade dishes to people in need."

Homer: "Hmm, coming up with a fake injury to get obscene amounts of free food you say."

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Meal Train | Season 34 Ep. 14 | THE SIMPSONS

Beyond: To be continued!