6 Hesitations to Organizing a Meal Train® Page (and How to Overcome Them)

Our users have some advice for overcoming roadblocks.

We all know the feeling…that spark of motivation to do something good, then something makes us pause. An intention to help that’s in the right place but the what-ifs get in the way. Maybe you’ve participated on a Meal Train page and now know someone who would benefit from one, but that hesitation creeps in. We have some ideas of what might be holding you back, and some suggestions for taking the next step.

I want to organize a Meal Train page but what if…

…someone else starts one first?

Beat them to it! If you know someone who would benefit from having meals delivered by friends and family, make a quick phone call or text to the recipient or their spouse to find out if a Meal Train page is set up for them. You’d just need a few bits of information to get it going and it practically runs itself.

Another option is to co-organize the Meal Train page with someone else who might be thinking of starting one. There are a lot of benefits to joining forces with a co-organizer, such as combining invitation lists and sharing administrative duties on the page.

…people don’t sign up?

They will! We’ve heard from past users that this is a common concern. But the average Meal Train page has at least 9 meal bookings. Plus, with the ability to share the page on social media, via text, and with emailed invitations, you can distribute the page far and wide. Start with two or three weeks on the calendar to give participants options. You can always add more as the bookings fill up.

…my issue isn’t worthy of a Meal Train page?

It is! The great thing about a Meal Train is it is helpful for so many different situations. New parents, illness, surgery, new neighbors, military deployment…the list goes on and on. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and consider if it would be helpful to not worry about cooking for a week or two. Chances are, it would!

…I'm a picky eater?

You get to specify what you like and don't like so you only receive meals that are helpful. Once you invite people to participate we walk them through the participation options and explain your preferences. If they don’t live nearby or aren't great cooks, there are options for sending a gift card or cash donation.

…I don’t know who to invite or have everyone’s email address?

There are other options! You can share the page on social media, invite via text or email, print a flyer, scan a QR code, and more. Include friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors, and they could even share the page with their circles.

We surveyed users and recipients and asked them what they would say to someone considering setting up a Meal Train page. Here are just some of their responses:

  • “It was easy!”
  • “It’s an awesome tool.”
  • “People will help if they can and won’t if they can’t. Don’t be shy to ask for the help you need. It’s helped my family tremendously.”
  • “Do it!! You will never know how much it helps people. The thankfulness in my heart is beyond words.”
  • “This was such an easy way to help my friend who is having surgery. I would recommend this system to anyone.”
  • “Don’t wait. I’m so grateful for the meals and support!”
  • “Food is love. Making a meal for a friend or family member when they are facing challenges is a simple act of kindness.”

So go for it! Set up a free Meal Train page now!