6 Other Ways to Use MealTrain.com -- Think Outside the Box

Get creative and use Meal Train for deployment, new neighbors, teachers, potlucks, and more!

Meal Train might be the first thing you think of when a friend has a baby or a family member is recovering from illness or surgery. No doubt it’s the best way to organize meal giving around life events. But the kind act of providing meals to friends and loved ones does not have to be limited or fit certain criteria. There are plenty of occasions when a Meal Train page would be appropriate and helpful.

Check out these creative ways to use a Meal Train page:

Military deployment

Deployments are a great opportunity for a Meal Train page. These assignments often leave a partner or other family members at home and can last for months or even years. Supporting these families with frequent meals can sustain them while their loved one is away, and remind them that they’re appreciated.

  • “I can’t believe how my friends came together for us while my husband was deployed. We are so grateful for the meals and gift cards!”

    – Alicia, Logan, UT

New neighbor

Why not welcome new neighbors with a Meal Train? They will likely be buried in boxes for the first few weeks of move-in, so a Meal Train would be the perfect gesture to make them feel at home. They’ll learn fast that they moved into a generous community when the meals start showing up at their door.

  • “Our new neighbors really outdid themselves. Delivering food while we searched for our pots and pans? Genius. Best neighborhood ever.”

    – Olivia, Claremont, CA

Food pantry

Community centers, shelters, and group homes usually have a way for members of the community to contribute or volunteer. A Meal Train page would be a centralized, private way to arrange meals and other activities.

  • “What a great system for organizing details for our volunteers! Everyone had all the information they needed and the drop offs went like clockwork.”

    – James, Dayton, OH

Teacher appreciation

Show the teachers some love and arrange a Meal Train page to deliver snacks and surprises during Teacher Appreciation Week or anytime of the year! What better way to lift their spirits and let them know they’re valued.

  • “Our PTO uses Meal Train for all kinds of things. It’s easy and the teachers are sooooo appreciative.”

    – Melissa, Bloomington, MN

Gift cards and donations only

There are situations where someone does not want homemade meals dropped off, but you can still set up a Meal Train page for them. Participants can make cash donations or purchase and send gift cards – without needing to pick a date on the calendar.

  • “My daughter wasn’t able to accept visitors after the birth of her preemie so she started with just gift cards and donations and then a few weeks later added dates for homemade meals.”

    – Marty, Tampa, FL

Did you know MealTrain.com also does Potlucks

If you’re planning a single event for a large group, a potluck is the way to go. Events such as funerals, family reunions, book clubs, church meetings, and mothers’ groups are great opportunities to start a Meal Train Potluck.

  • “My church uses the Potluck tool to organize our community around funerals and annual celebrations. Everyone finds it so easy to use, even those who are not tech savvy!”

    – Jerry, Honolulu, HI

These are just some alternative occasions when you could set up a Meal Train page. Whether or not the event fits neatly into a certain box, a Meal Train page can simplify the situation. We challenge you to stretch your thinking to other creative ways of using MealTrain.com.  Set up a free Meal Train page