Mmmmm.....Meal Train....Let the Healing Begin

Meal Train featured on Season 34 of "The Simpsons"!

By: Michael Laramee

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We could not have imagined 13 years ago that launching the website would lead to a cultural phenomenon and infiltrate pop culture. To our surprise, a few weeks ago, "The Simpsons" gave -- and all of you who participate -- a recognition that one could only dream of.

"The Simpsons," known for its goofy, food-loving main character Homer, decided to have a little fun with the Meal Train concept as only they can do.

Here is a little recap of the start of the episode. When Homer wakes up in the morning, he smells the delicious aroma of chili cooking in the kitchen. However, he's disappointed to find that Marge is making it for Ned Flanders, who had broken his arm.

Marge: "Ned can't cook for a few weeks so I started a Meal Train for him."

Homer: "Meal Train?" (Homer imagines a train in the shape of a sandwich going into his mouth.)

Marge: "Homer! A Meal Train is when family and friends set up a schedule to bring homemade dishes to people in need."

Homer: "Hmm, coming up with a fake injury to get obscene amounts of free food you say."

The story line goes on to show Homer and his bar friends all receiving Meal Train meals for fake injuries. It's a fun little spoof on a wholesome concept and one we can laugh along with.

We hope you take as much pride as we do in knowing that Meal Train is not just a great way to support friends and family. It's a movement that is happening in every state, all over the world, and even on Evergreen Terrace in Springfield.

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Homer Simpson-Mealtrain

Here are a few of our favorite clips from the episode:

Homer imagining a Meal Train as a sandwich.

The creativity of the meals being made!  Chief Wiggum's Chicken Fried "Steakout" and Bernice's Better Version of Whatever Luanne Brings.

Barney and Homer eating casseroles, complete with Homer wearing a train conductor hat.

"Swimming in sympathy meatballs" with the Meal Train calendar on the bar.

Finally, it is a strange coincidence that my last name shows up (sort of) while Homer is talking about Meal Train.  Hmmm.....